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SendOutCards lets you choose from over 15,000 greeting cards in more than 340 categories, or create your own custom cards, all on-line.  Unlike e-cards, your personalized card will be printed, hand-stamped with first class postage and mailed on your behalf to the recipients.  These card can serve as a good way for brokers to connect with their clients/prospects with a unique and personal form of communication!

Some of the unique benefits of SendOutCards are:

  • Broker exclusive branding on each card
  • Ability to use custom fonts, including your own handwriting and multiple signatures
  • Automatic x-dating calendar reminders
  • Large selection of gift cards and gifts that can be sent along with the cards
  • Ability to upload company logo and photos
  • Utilizes existing contact manager
  • Cards are printed with soy-based ink on post-consumer recycled paper
  • Can support custom card campaigns to an unlimited number of clients/prospects for marketing or holiday purposes

In the time it takes to send an email, why not send a custom greeting card!

Send someone a card today, for free, see the link below! 

Questions, call Susan Rippinger at 847.727.3834

Click here to visit SendOutCards

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