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Here is a great sales idea for those clients that tell you they don’t want to purchase traditional long term care insurance.  Your clients understand the need for long term care and know that Medicaid and Medicare won’t cover those costs;  but they still say no to traditional long term care insurance because of potential rate increases and because they don’t want to pay annual premiums for their lifetime  and maybe never need long term care.

This is a perfect time to introduce a Linked Benefits solution.  A linked benefit plan is a life insurance product that combines the features and benefits of universal life insurance and long term care insurance.

The way to start the conversation is to ask your clients if they needed long term care in the future what is the first asset they would liquidate.  Their answer becomes the funding mechanism for their Linked Benefits plan design.  The linked benefit plans have a guaranteed return of premium if the client ever wants their money back.  The plan has a death benefit that pays out tax free benefits to their beneficiaries if they die.  The plan also has long term care dollars that pays for qualified long term care services with tax free dollars.  The linked benefit plans are a Win Win situation for your client.  It covers the client if they have a Long Term Care event.  It covers your client if they never have a long term care event.  It covers your client if they change their mind.  It covers your client if they use their long term care benefits and they die.  It is a Win-Win Situation for your client and Win-Win situation for you the broker.  Resource Brokerage offers all the major single premium and annual premium Linked Benefit plans with high commission levels.  Let us help you with the next client that says no to traditional long term care insurance.

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