Sales Idea: The Untapped Opportunity

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The question many Health Care Brokers have with recent commission cuts is How can you increase your income in this Post Health Care Reform Era.

One of the greatest untapped income opportunities you have is to help your group clients protect their most important asset…their income. Few workers are financially prepared for a disability.

Your prospect may be already covered by a group disability product which usually is adequate for protecting many employees—however when you get into the management or executive classes group plans often are woefully insufficient. Many high income earners have incomes well beyond the levels that a group policy will pay. Since many group plans are employer paid and thus the premiums are deducted by that employer that means that the insured’s benefits are taxed therefore further reducing the usable benefit to the disabled insured to amounts less than 50% of what they are presently earning.

Individual disability insurance sold in addition to the group plan fills in the gap between the group Disability benefit and the wage earners true benefit eligibility, and in fact can even be structured to fund the applicants retirement while on disability! Since the premiums are paid individually these benefits are received are tax free and can be structured to fill in both the tax and earning gaps left by the group plan.

Resource Brokerage offers carve out programs that with only 3 lives you can get a discounted rate and a simplified issue with no paramed exam needed. Resource Brokerage offers you step by step training on how to sell these programs and even will help the presentation and close at your client’s site.

Give us a call and we will help you Help your clients; and help you increase your income in this new era of Health Care Reform.

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