Sales Idea: Round Out Your Plan Offering

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I am Judi Macino here to tell you about insurance coverage specific to your individual clients’ dental, vision, and hearing needs. They are affordable compliments to the medical coverage your clients buy.

Many people object to having to use network dentists because their dentist chooses not to join any networks. Or, members who want an insured vision plan but instead are only offered a discount program from their individual health insurance plan? Or for your senior market clients offering insured dental, vision and hearing for the services which Medicare and their Medicare Supplement do not cover.

Our fully insured, indemnity dental/vision/hearing products can cover the dental vision hearing care of your clients, ages 18 through 85, with no underwriting, at surprisingly affordable prices and attractive commissions to you. You would be surprised how many people buy the coverage once they are made aware it is available—particularly Medicare Supplement enrollees. We have many brokers who offer these stand alone programs side by side as part of every individual medical enrollment and Medicare Supplement sales presentation.

Call us today at 847-598-6006 or visit our website at for the complete product reviews. On your next appointment you’ll have the tools to present your clients with a healthcare portfolio customized for their needs!

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