Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Submit to:

Susan Hernandez at:
Email: shernandez@resourcebrokerage.com
Fax: 847-605-1494
Please call me with any questions: 847-598-0030

Telephonic Underwriting Day Guidelines

All cases have to be in on Monday prior to the scheduled event. Groups arriving after the deadline will be placed in the Humana queue and processed in the order in which received.

Cases that are currently in the Humana queue cannot be pulled out for this event. Faster processing times will be given during this underwriting event. Therefore, prescreen submissions arriving at our office the week of October 1, 2012 will be held on your behalf for preferred underwriting review.

BONUS- Get Paid for Selling a Case!
*Bonuses are available for groups underwritten and sold per enclosed guidelines. Size limits and additional exclusions may apply. Please view the 2012 Bonus Opportunities for complete disclosures. Best Bonus Ever
Items To Submit:

 Prescreen Only
  • Completed Illinois Universal Application
  • Please submit by Tuesday, October 9, 2012 for review of missing information
  • Current Humana quote (up to date census and effective date)

Case Submission
  • ACH Form/check - Required for all new business cases
  • Employer Group Application form
  • Employer Small Group Medical Application form
  • Illinois Universal application
  • Current Humana quote (up to date census and effective date)
  • Most recent Quarterly Wage & Tax (UIC340) document
  • Prior carrier bill (if replacing a prior carrier)