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Resource HR Assist is the AWARD winning business resource center that will become your one stop shop for everything benefit and human resource related. Resources such as:

Employee Benefits:

  Medical and Dental Health Plans
Life Insurance
Mandated Benefits
Retirement and Estate Planning
Fringe Benefits
Cafeteria Plans
Statutory Benefits
Social Security Forms
U.S. Office of Government Ethics
Post Employment Benefits

Human Resources:

  Job Descriptions
Recruitment Methods
Hiring-Screening and Interviewing
Employee Handbook creation
Performance Reviews
Discrimination and Employee Protections
Federal Required Posters
Labor Laws and Compliance
Leased Employees
Terminating Employees
Workplace Safety
HR Guidance

State Employment Laws- Customized pages for every state

Reference Desk- Federal and State links, topics and one on one experts via email!

Downloadable Forms:

  Audits and Assessments
Benefits Forms
Compensation and Reimbursement
Financial Forms
Government Forms
New Hire Forms and Checklists
Notcies, Requests and Waivers
Personnel Information
State Posters and Forms
Terminating Forms
Vacation and Time Off Forms
Workplace Safety Forms
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