Group Benefits


You must be active in Humana’s system in order to submit a case with us.  If you are not an active Humana Agent please submit licensing ASAP to  Humana will not process any cases from an agent who is not active in their system.  The employer paperwork and employee applications MUST BE DATED ON or AFTER the date in which the agent is active; otherwise, Humana will request new dates to be submitted.

Humana Enrollment Paperwork

Humana Attestation Form

Humana Employer Paperwork 1-100 Total on Payroll 2016 Effective Dates

*Groups with 2-50 total on payroll should submit a census enrollment for expedited processing. Please contact Susan Hernández, below, for the most up to date information.

Humana will bill the group for the first month’s premium – no need to submit a check.
Groups with 51-99 total on payroll have options for underwriting. Please contact Susan Hernández with questions.

Susan Hernández’s Contact Information:
New Business Case Management
P: (847) 598-0030     Toll-Free (800) 605-7566     F: (847) 605-1494